The importance of early AI adoption

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June 5, 2019

The importance of early AI adoption

Why giants like Napster, Blockbuster and Myspace fail

Keeping it personal can lead to

Higher Open Rates
Higher Click Through Rates
Higher Conversion Rates
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But we’ve always done it that way.

Said no business success story ever.

Early adopters have an integral role in scaling disruptive companies. This smart and eager consumer base are not afraid to try new
things even if the outcome is not positive. However when the outcome turns out to be positive, the results are industry changing.

Unfortunately with disruptive innovation comes a list of companies who failed to innovate and got left behind. All once titans of their era – they crumbled when they failed to innovate.

“In an era of digital disruption failure to be remarkable eventually leads to failure as a going concern– as Sears, ToysRUs and others learned all too well. Good enough no longer is. Retailers that fail to pick a lane and execute against the essential elements of remarkable retail are on their way to the retail graveyard.”

(Steve Dennis, Forbes 2019)

AI is that remarkable piece retailers need to adopt to steer clear of the retail graveyard. FIND brings the power of AI currently being leveraged by online giants to all retailers. Human knowledge paired with AI can bring your company that needed extra mile that can only be achieved when the two work hand in hand simultaneously.

Retailers who were early adopters to online shopping and digital marketing are now reaping the benefits. Those who were late to the game are now having to play catch up.

AI is on the cusp of being every retailers best friend and soon the industry norm.The time is now to become a retail AI early adopter.

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