The demise of traditional email blasts.

By May 8, 2019 July 29th, 2019 FIND Papers
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May 8, 2019

The demise of traditional email blasts.

No really. People are freaking out.

Predictions suggest less is more.

Higher Sales
Fewer Emails
Higher Conversion Rates
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The more marketing emails you send the more sales you generate, right?

Not exactly.

In the same way we accept and acknowledge that any given problem can’t be solved by simply throwing money at it – the same comparrison can be drawn developing a customer centric and relevant email marketing strategy.

Together with our clients, FIND is learning that not every customer should be receiving the same email. When customers receive relevant emails, they are more likely to buy. Relevance is more important than quantity, and has been successfully demonstrated via specific AB testing with our clients.

When you reduce frequency of sends, your relevant emails become more meaningful resulting in increased sales.

FIND used a combination of AB tests to address a variety of unique product commodities with a variety of specific promotional activities.

By leveraging the machine learning and AI functionality of FIND’s Predictive Retail Suite (PRS) – two audience groups were generated for each of the campaigns in the test.

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Relevant results matter.

Group A were shoppers that were predicted to find the email campaign relevant. Group B were those that would not find the email campaign relevant. Over all, Group B received more than double the amount of emails than Group A.

The relevant Group A actually generated 43% higher total sales revenue from 45% less emails. As well as experiencing a 33% higher conversion rate, the relevant group that received 45% less sends also had a higher average transaction. These results confirm that relevance in email campaigns when compared to frequency is better for your customer and it’s also better for your bottom line.