FIND AI Retail Analytics

turbocharge your Shopify with predictive AI.

Optimize margins. Increase revenue. Reduce waste.

The AI powered report that dips beneath the surface of your current static spreadsheet driven retail planning process providing powerful insight into increased metrics and KPI’s like these*


Revenue Increase


Margin Increase


Higher Conversion Rates

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From static spreadsheets to predictive decision making.

Turbocharge your retail planning process with truly predictive AI

Optimized merchandise planning

FIND Plan analyses style and unit quantities to project demand to all levels of your merchandise hierarchy. Now its possible to optimize your sales plan and buys down to the product attribute level across your categories, brands and stores to achieve the ideal assortment and merchandise counts — maximizing your investment to put more money in your pocket.

Escape the static world of spreadsheets

Stop using spreadsheets and simple ratios to increase merchandise buys. Optimize all merchandise buys with predictive planning and reduce the misstep of buying excessive amounts of inventories. Reducing extreme over buys directs funds toward high-demand, high-margin products while reducing markdowns.

Enhanced P&L

Predictive AI optimizes your choice counts based on predicted demand towards high-demand, high margin products to increase revenues and profits.

what’s inside.

FIND for Shopify™ provides a deep dive into your current retail data, providing compelling insight for dramatic improvements and optimization.

Leverage these insights and more to empower your planning, buying and allocation decisions.
  • Analysis of your historical sales and product data
  • Get clear recommendations on budget and product allocation
  • Gain deep insights into how AI will increase your margins
  • Receive a predictive sales plan compared to actual plan
  • Learn how AI recommendations will increase profits
  • Action specific recommendations to reduce over and under stock