reports in minutes. not weeks.

Simplify the complex interrelation between your products, people and places.

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*Actual user experience shown may vary per installation.


reports in minutes. not weeks.

Simplify the complex interrelation between your products, people and places.

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“the fact that I can generate and share a report on the train home and focus on what matters – brilliant”

you need rapid dissemination of centralized data.

That’s just FIND speak for now you can do more in less time in one place.

Real-time source of truth.

Fed from real-time data, FIND Report provides clear and transparent visibility to everyone in your organization, ensuring that all resources are operating from the same, consistent and real-time source of truth.

Reports in minutes. Not Days.

Take the pain and need for technical proficiency out of generating reports. Now any user at any level can easily filter and construct product, customer and location based reports in minutes.

Centralized data repository

Replace multiple sources of data from spreadsheets to unconnected database solutions and import easily into a single, constantly consistent and predictive ready platform.


immediate reports.

You no longer need to wait for John or Abby to get you the data you asked for weeks ago.

Most retailers have no shortage of data – but lack the IT tools and infrastructure to effectively manage their data and the realities connected to that data.

FIND Report takes the guesswork out of what your data is up to and empowers tangible, on-demand and real time actionable metrics that can be generated by even the most novice of users.

Generate hypothetical plans by adjusting time frames and budget targets
See the results of your adjustments in real time
Filter your plan to adjust specific products, places or audience groups
Collaborate with your planning team in real-time
*Actual user experience shown may vary per installation.
what's inside.

FIND Report™ generates real-time and predictive ready data-driven retail analytics insights from customer interactions, geographic activity and overall sales performance – paving the way towards increased margins and over all awareness of your organizations performance.


Master manager

With Report™  – everyone becomes an instant data guru, deep diving into all your data in one place and eliminating the time draining practices of sorting between spreadsheets, waiting for external data sources and extensive manual, disconnected calculations.

The power to change.

Real-time means real actions. Having visibility of your entire ecosystem in a single source of truth opens the for agile responses to unexpected shifts in your annual or seasonal plan – allowing you to optimize ahead of the curve where revenue is less impacted, as opposed to behind the curve where money losing discounting is often the only recourse.

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