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FIND AI Retail Inventory Planning and Buying

All of your data in one place

FIND takes you beyond spreadsheets by aggregating all of your data and provides seamless access to your teams, enabling them to create accurate inventory plans.

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Know how each SKU and location will perform

FINDS AI executes millions of calculations on years of data based on product, consumer and location at every level, ensuring optimal performance

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FIND AI Inventory planning for Netsuite ERP

Save time and money

Let AI take care of the mundane so that you can allocate your resources and time to the more intricate aspects of inventory buying and planning.

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Meet Periscope for Planners

Your predictive deep dive into your current retail data. Get a first hand look at how FIND Plan can supercharge your retail planning process.

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FIND Periscope for Planners

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June 19, 2020

Forecasting demand is a critical for driving efficient operations and meeting P&L targets.

This is especially the case in the fashion industry, where demand uncertainty, lack of visibility into historical data and seasonal trends typically coexist. The effect of poor demand forecasting is…
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Data Strategies — The art of leaning in and taking control.

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Sustainability in Apparel — Part 2

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