predictive retail suite.

By leveraging the FIND AI powered predictive retail analytics, planning, marketing and personalization platform – retailers can now give their spreadsheets the ability to think.

*Actual user experience shown may vary per installation.

predictive retail suite.

Predictive personalization cloud based software solutions for retailers.

our focus is on augmenting your humans with predictive AI, not replacing them.

Poya Haghnegahdar, CEO
FIND Innovations

predictive buying and selling.

the power of personalization

What is FIND

a Predictive Personalization Software Platform specifically designed to help retailers with the buying and selling of merchandise using the latest AI technology.

Predictive buying

Using your customers purchasing behavioural data to predict how much product to buy and where to stock them.

Predictive selling

Using your customers purchasing behavioural data to communicate to them the way they’d like to be communicated to.

fast to results.

See the proven power of predictive Planning and Marketing in less than 3 months.

Optimize Comp

Use AI to better predict the buying, allocating and marketing needs to increase sales over last year.

Protect Margins

Predictive buying and predictive marketing allows you to turn your products faster resulting in less
need for discounts while protecting your margins and increasing your overall contribution.

Increase Conversions

Send the right message to the right shopper at the right time, inspiring them to buy while inventory, prices and margins are high at the beginning of the product journey.

easy to deploy.

A low touch, easy to integrate platform that augments your human resources – not replaces them.

No capital expenditure.

A Pay-as-you-go model which means that you pay for it with a small portion of the revenue you generate from it.

Intuitive on-boarding

Simple workflow design allows your buying and marketing teams to start using the product from day one with minimal training.

Minimal IT Infrastructure Required

Works directly with your existing databases, without any need of data processing.

How can personalization improve your conversions?

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