Bob likes flannel. Jane likes hats.

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May 15, 2019

Bob likes flannel. Jane likes hats.

Stop selling Jane flannel.

Keeping it personal can lead to

Higher Open Rates
Higher Click Through Rates
Higher Conversion Rates
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An Introduction to True Customer Centric Marketing.

Don’t ask the retailer.

If you ask any retailer about their email marketing and they would protest to be customer-centric. Yes, of course – who would claim otherwise? But to get the real answer, don’t ask the retailer, ask their customers.

The customers would tell you that it seems that the retailer is just emailing them the same thing they email everyone else. With no sense of what they like – the retailer is just pushing the products they want to sell and that’s product-centric not customer-centric.

And the reason for this is simple, retailers just can’t keep up with the vast amount of data flying at them from their customers so it’s easier for them to simply treat everyone the same by sending them the same offers, product, news, etc.

Customers are back in power of the decision making process and retailers need to pay attention to this.

You see, back in the days of the old neighbourhood store, marketing was easy. The shopkeep knew everyone’s name, everyone’s preferences and he/she had a personal relationship with every customer. But all that was lost in our era of mass marketing and mass consumption.

But things are changing once again. Digital companies like Instagram and Netflix are creating customer-centric products that are giving customers a semblance of that shopkeep who knows their name and what they like.

These online companies are collecting data on their customers and using to help them find what they want and they are also using that data to create content for their customers and now those customers expect the same level of personalization from their other merchants

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Ask the customer.

One way retailers can show their customers that they are customer-centric is through what we were talking about earlier, sending relevant emails to their customers.

FIND offers a digital transformative product that allows retailers to segment their customers and market to them one-on-one at scale. No longer do retailers have to treat all customers the same with batch-and-blast emails. Retailers can now use the customer’s data to predict what the most relevant item the customer wants to see next and send that content to the customer