Essential oil giant Saje adopts FINDs predictive platform

By June 21, 2019 Press Releases
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June 21, 2019

Essential oil giant Saje adopts FINDs predictive platform

Imagine knowing that before you imported 1.2 million units of black feather boas.

A recent predicted audience outperformed an existing customer segment by an astonishing

Higher Conversion Rates
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The value of AB testing in determining audience relevancy.

FIND vs most engaged customers.

AB testing is a two-hypothesis randomized test that compares two versions of a single variable. FIND uses AB testing to build confidence within the Retail Executive Team early in the process by proving that the FIND predicted segmented audience will generate higher results than the traditional segmentation retailers use today.

The AB test results using FIND Market consistently have higher conversion rates when compared to email marketing practices that our current clients previously used. However, when we researched deeper into the AB testing analytics, not only did our clients see higher conversion rates but the FIND Market predicted audience outperformed their most engaged audience.

Customers are back in power of the decision making process and retailers need to pay attention to this.

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The value of AB testing in determining audience relevancy.

This means that when the retailer pooled together just their most profitable and loyal customers, our predicted audience significantly outperformed this specific group of allegiant customers by an astonishing 80% higher conversion rates.

Instead of just targeting your most engaged customers to get the best results, now you can target the right group of customers for the message in your campaign. This powerful metric confirms the positive impact FIND Market will have on your email marketing campaigns.

Our predicted audience generated through artificial intelligence sends the right email to the right person and drives higher conversion.