we are find.

A Vancouver, BC based technology company using powerful proprietary AI and machine learning to empower personalized shopping experiences for apparel, accessory and lifestyle retailers.

you are human.

We acknowledge that customers are back in power of the decision making process and that we as solutions providers need to manage this expectation.

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our mission.

To bring the power that online retailers have to all retailers through a predictive, collaborative and integrated platform with minimal upfront cost and IT commitment.

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our story.

About us.

FIND is a technology company with a passion for empowering retailers through AI.

In today’s retail landscape, there is a technological gap: while a select few have mastered the art of combining AI powered technologies with in-house expertise, most retailers rely on antiquated techniques to run their day-to-day. … all the while, driven by every day experiences, retail customers expect more.

Having noticed this gap, FIND’s team of engineers, data scientists, former retail and business executives set out to invent the FIND Predictive Retail Suite (FIND PRS).

At the heart of the FIND PRS is our belief that vital every day activities of retailers, can reach optimal social and technological efficiency, if human expertise and AI capabilities are reliant on each other.

FIND was founded as an alternative to the expensive and often internally driven IT solutions commonly leveraged by select retail giants  – focused on empowering all retailers.

Our clients  include digital innovators like Saje, Bootlegger, Rickis, Cleo, Urban Barn, Warehouse One, Suzannes, Purdys, Plenty and Auld Phillips.

Established in 2013, FIND is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Corporate Culture.

With our headquarters in one of the worlds leading cities in the areas of multiculturalism, sustainability and gender equity – our corporate culture is one of an ethical and socially impactful nature. We foster a climate of inclusion at all stages of ideation and development in a multicultural, sustainable and gender neutral environment we are proud to call home.

Through predictive planning, marketing and reporting tools, FIND PRS increases the lifetime value of their customers and the people we cherish the most – our fellow humans.

Our solution.

FIND Predictive Retail Suite™ (PRS) brings the power of predictive AI to retailers – reducing over and under buying,  promoting ideal product allocation and increasing their customers lifetime value through personalized, relevant and customer centric messaging.

you’ve got humans.
we’ve got robots.

Let’s work nicely together.

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